We appreciate that your time is valuable, and we will endeavour to book appointments to suit you. We understand that sometimes life does not always go to plan, and that occasionally you may need to move or cancel your appointment.

Cancellations must be made by phone or email. We cannot monitor cancellations via SMS.

As we are a very busy clinic with a waiting list, we request that notice be given as early as possible if you need to cancel or reschedule an appointments. Booking an appointment only to cancel at short notice deprives other patients of opportunities for treatment. We ask that our patients be mindful when booking appointments to avoid potential clashes.

Patients are asked to read and sign our cancellation policy when joining the clinic, and at each annual review. This policy allows patients to make a choice between our standard and discounted cancellation policies.

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Standard Cancellation Policy

Patients agreeing to the standard cancellation policy pay the standard rates on all fees. They are free to cancel or change their appointments at any time without penalty, but are not entitled to discounted consult rates.

Discounted Cancellation Policy

Most patients agree to our discounted cancellation policy.

This option provides patients with a 35% discount on all fees in exchange for providing us with sufficient notice of any changes to appointments. Patients opting to be billed under the discounted cancellation policy agree to the following terms:

  • Cancel or move any appointment with at least 7 days notice: No penalty
  • Cancel or move an appointment with Dr Carey with less than 7 days notice: $130 fee
  • Cancel or move an appointment with an Allied Health practitioner with less than 7 days notice: $65 fee
  • Regularly cancelling or moving appointments (regardless of notice given) will waive the right to discounted fees. Patients who recurrently cancel their appointments will default to the standard cancellation policy.

Please note that the fees will apply for each appointment cancelled without sufficient notice, even if the appointments were booked on the same visit. eg. Cancelling a single visit to see Dr Carey and one AHP incurs a total charge of $195.

If an appointments is cancelled due to sickness, we ask that a medical certificate be provided. In the event of emergencies or special circumstances, the Clinic Manager may waive the cancellation fee. Please note that only the Clinic Manager has the ability to authorise exceptions.

Recurrent Cancellations

Cancelling multiple appointments in a row can interfere with your treatment. Our health professionals will generally indicate how soon they need to see you again, and not returning in this time frame can make it hard to manage your health. Delaying your appointments may mean you will require a longer consult. Please see our current fees to determine the costs of extended appointments.

Patients who cancel their appointments regularly may be asked to provide a deposit towards their next appointment.

Patients making an unreasonable number of changes to their booked appointments (regardless of notice given) may lose the right to be billed under the discounted cancellation policy. Such patients will be notified, and will revert to the standard cancellation policy.