Specialist Management of Metabolic and Hormonal Problems

Our medical services focus on the long-term management of diseases that are caused by an imbalance of hormones and metabolism.

Cardio-metabolic Health

Comprehensive cardiovascular and metabolic assessments are done to ensure treatment is tailored to improve metabolic function.

Medical Treatment

Dr Carey’s 30 years of medical experience ensures the best mix of medication is used to reduce disease and enhance Health.

Caring Support

Caring and effective support and guidance is provided by our health professional team. We also provide educational program material to help build skills and knowledge.

Expert Care

Dr Carey is a well respected and trusted practitioner in the field of endocrinology. With his vast academic knowledge and clinical experience he is able to comprehensively treat complex cases with multiple problems.

Our Services  

  • Weight Loss Services
    Weight Loss Services

    Dr Carey’s weightloss programs are clinically proven to give rapid but safe reduction in weight, as well as addressing lifestyle, hormonal and psychological issues to ensure that weight loss is maintained long term.Read More

    Specialist Diabetes Care
    Specialist Diabetes Care

    Dr Carey is an endocrinologist who has been at the forefront of diabetes research, care and education for over 20 years. Dr Carey’s extensive clinical experience ensures the best mix of medication is used to reduce...

    Metabolic Assessments

    Frustrated by diets that don't work? Perhaps you have a: - Low Metabolism - Hormonal Imbalance - Poor Body Composition. Ask your local doctor to refer you for a metabolic assessment!


    Certain patients may qualify for bulk billed consults conducted over Skype. (Conditions apply)