Food diaries

Patients attending for management of weight issues and/or diabetes will be asked to complete food diaries periodically. These records will be analysed by our accredited practising dietitian to provide a quantified insight into your nutrition.

Food diaries are used by Dr Carey and the team as a diagnostic tool, just like any blood tests, scans or X-rays that you might be asked to do. Your food diary analysis helps our team to ensure that you are meeting nutrition goals, as well as determining areas where you might need additional help or advice. It is also vital if you are being prescribed any medication to suppress your appetite, as this analysis is the only clear way for the doctor to determine if the medications are having their intended effect; without the return of regular food diaries, our medical team might be unable to continue prescribing certain medications to help you.

Evidence also shows that the act of keeping a thorough food diary alone can increase weight loss, purely through making you more aware of what you are eating.

It is essential that you record all food and drink that you consume during your reporting period. Your nutrition and Calorie balance can be dramatically affected by subtle things like quick snacks and drinks (particularly alcohol). Don't forget to record even the incidental things that might get overlooked, such as little nibbles while you're working.

Completing your food diary

We offer three options for patients to record their food and drink intake. Please click on your preferred method for more information.