Scripts between doctor visits

Patients are encouraged to check their prescriptions before each visit. They have the opportunity to ask Dr Carey for scripts during the visit.

Prescribing medication is not always straightforward, and usually requires a brief review of your condition and other medications. Ethically, a doctor cannot simply re-print a prescription without first consulting the patient’s file and considering the appropriateness of the medication. This takes time, and therefore Dr Carey generally does not provide scripts outside of scheduled appointments.

If you are a regular patient who has recently seen Dr Carey and has either; lost a script or forgotten to ask for repeats, there are three options available:

  1. Come into the clinic for a bulk billed script collection appointment. Medicare covers the cost of the doctor’s review time and script processing fees.
  2. Request a script be faxed or posted with a $35 reissue fee to cover review time and processing fees – Medicare cannot cover reviews when the patient is not present.
  3. Get script from your GP (Dr Carey keeps your GP informed on your progress, including your current medications). Note that in some cases, your GP may be unwilling to take over management of specialised medications.

Please be aware that Dr Carey may not agree to send out a script if he believes that a reassessment is required. Also, certain scripts including phentermine/Duromine are only available with a review appointment due to medico-legal issues.