Metabolic Assessments

Frustrated by diets that don’t work?

Everyone has a different metabolism, hormone profile and body fat distribution. If you don’t know your metabolic profile any nutritional and exercise plan is purely guess work. At the Health+ Diabetes Clinic we are proud to personalise your treatment plans to maximise success. A tailored plan brings noticeable results and can be easier to stick to than generalised advice.

Get Assessed

Why not ask your GP to refer you to Dr Carey, a leading Australian hormone specialist for assessment of:


If you have a Metabolic Assessment Referral from your local doctor and are eligible for medicare benefits, we will bulk bill all diagnostic assessments. (If you later want treatment from our team of specialists normal consult fees will apply.)


A comprehensive report will be provided. This result can be used to assist your health care team in creating a nutrition and exercise plan that is suitable for your metabolism and body type.